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A Science Backed Solution To Bloating

Say Goodbye to Bloating With Our Science-Backed Debloat Formula  Harvested From Wild  Organic African Baobab

Here's 5 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Science Based Approach to Solving Your Bloating with Promix Debloat

Detox My Gut

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Prebiotics + Probiotics For Complete Gut Support & Bloating Relief 

Promix Debloat doesn't just focus on reducing bloating; it's a comprehensive solution for your digestive health. 

Debloat uses 3 strains of probiotics with 5 billion active cultures and 100% of your daily value of vitamin C to support debating, immunity, and digestive detoxification. For prebiotics, wild harvested organic African baobab - earths best kept secret for gut health and reducing bloating. 

Detox My Gut


Science Driven. Performance Proven.®

At the heart of Promix Nutrition is a commitment to science-driven, performance-proven products. Debloat is no exception. 

Debloat leverages the power and the natural potency of the organic baobab plant, found in Africa, to offer a groundbreaking solution for bloating.

Our scientifically formulated blend, formulated by nutritional scientists, provides a proactive approach to digestive health without any artificial ingredients. 


Eat Your Favorite Foods Without Pain With Debloat Support On-the-Go or At Home


The Most Affordable Pet Tracker In The World

With Promix Debloat, enjoy the ultimate convenience in maintaining your digestive health whether you're at home or on the move. Choose from our eco-friendly jar for daily use or grab a travel pack for those busy days when you’re out and about. This flexibility ensures you never miss a day of bloat-free wellness, integrating seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

Say Goodbye To Bloating

Discover the Ease of a Bloat-Free Life with Debloat. Your Gut's Best Friend, Anytime, Anywhere. Try Promix Debloat Today!  

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee


90 Day Satisfaction  Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with any purchase from Promix, contact us within 90 days for a full refund.

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The Cleanest Supplements On Earth

At the heart of Promix Nutrition is a commitment to science-driven, performance-proven products. Debloat is no exception. Crafted based on the latest nutritional research and athlete feedback, our prebiotic and probiotic blend is formulated for those who demand the best from for their health. Whether you're an athlete or simply someone seeking optimal health, Debloat is your one-stop solution for gut health.

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Detox My Gut

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Detox My Gut


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