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Dietitian designed formulations made with premium, directly-sourced ingredients, complete with third-party safety testing.

About Promix Nutrition

I founded Promix Nutrition in 2011 with the mission of creating natural supplements to help elite athletes get more out of their training. Our grass-fed whey protein powder, was originally made and tested to meet the training needs of USA Olympic Triathletes and Track & Field Athletes. These athletes needed a convenient source of natural protein during training that was clean, unsweetened and easy-mixing.

Promix has expanded over the years, moving from the sidelines of courts and practice fields into the daily nutrition of millions of people. Even through our growth, the commitment to quality has never changed: I still formulate every product and source every single ingredient we use.

Albert Signature , Founder & Owner of Promix Nutrition

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What Makes Promix Products Better?

Real Ingredients Promix prides itself on the partnership it has built with our farmers, who produce our California grass fed whey protein, Canadian organic yellow peas and Brazilian grass fed collagen. We choose only the best non-GMO and organic ingredients for our natural supplements, with no soy, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Research Backed All Promix dietary supplements are formulated by our in-house exercise physiologist and registered dietitian. Each ingredient, and the amount, is linked to multiple research papers demonstrating its effectiveness in improving a variable of athletic performance.

Exceptional Standards All Promix products are manufactured in USA GMP certified facilities, and printed with a production lot code that is linked to independent third party testing for heavy metals, GMOs and nutritional standards.

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how much protein do i need calculator
how much protein do i need calculator

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What Our Customers Love About Promix

With so many different types of whey protein out there, I rely on Promix for its high quality and low tolerance for BS. Nutrition labels should be short and easy to understand - Promix's tight list of ingredients let's me know the supplement going into my protein shakes is safe and as pure as it gets.

Promix Protein Review

Shane D.

Promix's customer service standards are as high as the ones they set for their products: I didn't care for the tingling feeling I got form the preworkout, so they refunded me and even pointed me to their tingle-free option! I now use that with their BCAA powder whenever I lift weights.

Promix Nutrition Review

Heather F.

It's difficult to find a great plant based protein powder, let alone options that supplement things like B12 and iron. Promix has managed to solve a lot of the most common issues for vegan and vegetarian people with their vegan protein powders.

Plant Based Protein Powder Review

Kayla A.

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