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Unflavored Collagen Peptides, 2.5 LB Bag
Unflavored Collagen Peptides
Unflavored Collagen Peptides
Unflavored Collagen Peptides
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Collagen Peptides

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Best For: Skin, bones, joints, and recovery support
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  • 4.7g of glycine, 20g of protein
  • From grass-fed Brazilian cows
  • Hydrolyzed type I & III bioactive peptides
  • Glycine aids gut health and CNS


Shakes & smoothies, cold or hot beverages, oatmeal, & baking recipes.

2 Scoops

20 grams of collagen peptides

8-12 fl oz.

Hot or cold liquids and oatmeal

30 seconds

Blend, shake or stir until dissolved

No Artificial Anything. All Natural Ingredients.

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No Antibiotics. No Gluten. No Soy.

No Glyphosate. No Gums. No Gluten. No Soy. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs. No Fillers. No Artificial Anything. No Glyphosate. No Gums. No Gluten. No Soy. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs. No Fillers. No Artificial Anything. No Glyphosate. No Gums. No Gluten. No Soy. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs. No Fillers. No Artificial Anything. No Glyphosate. No Gums. No Gluten. No Soy. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs. No Fillers. No Artificial Anything.

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Promix Clean Grass-Fed Collagen Supplements

Whether you’re a professional athlete focused on reducing recovery time, or simply looking to improve your overall health, collagen supplements can help support your goals.

At Promix, we take pride in offering the cleanest collagen protein powder supplements free from artificial ingredients or processing aids during production. The peptides used in our collagen supplements are sourced exclusively from grass-fed Brazilian cattle and third-party tested for safety.

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is an essential protein found in the connective tissue, ligaments, bone, and skin. In our mid-to-late 20s, our natural collagen supply starts to decline. A collagen deficiency can lead to several physiological responses, including:

  • Joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation
  • Increased risk of osteoarthritis
  • Muscle weakness
  • Decreased bone density
  • Loss of skin elasticity and hydration
  • Increased signs of skin aging 
  • Brittle nails, thinning or damaged hair
  • Prolonged recovery time after physical activity
  • Loss of strength and elasticity in arteries, leading to possible heart conditions

Adding a collagen supplement to your daily routine can help avoid the health risks associated with a collagen deficiency. Promix collagen supplements can help rebuild the collagen required to properly support joint, bone, skin, and connective tissue function and reduce recovery time.

Promix Collagen Supplements

Promix is proud to offer two primary collagen protein powder products: collagen peptides and Optimal Collagen Peptides + BCAA.

Unflavored & Chocolate Collagen Protein Powder

Promix collagen peptides protein powder is made with type I and III hydrolyzed bioactive peptides for easy absorption. The unflavored Promix collagen protein powder offers 20 grams of protein and 4.7 grams of glycine for improved gut health and central nervous system function and mixes well in just about anything. 

Our chocolate-flavored collagen powder offers 21 grams of protein, 4.7 grams of glycine, and is flavored with antioxidant-rich, organic Peruvian cocoa. Try it in your morning smoothie, post-workout shake, hot and cold beverages, and baking recipes.

Optimal Chocolate Collagen Peptides + BCAA

The Promix Optimal Collagen + BCAA powder is an easy-to-digest repair and recovery collagen supplement featuring 18 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of plant-based branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) for lean muscle recovery. This dietitian-developed collagen supplement also includes hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine for increased joint and gut support. Try it in your shakes, smoothies, or baking recipes for improved flavor and nutritional benefits.

Improve Overall Health & Recovery Time With Promix Collagen Supplements

No matter where you are on your fitness or wellness journey, Promix collagen supplements and dietary products make it simple to give your body the nutrients it needs without compromising quality, efficacy, safety, or performance. Browse and shop Promix today to discover your new go-to protein supplements.

No artificial anything. Just the world's cleanest supplements and snacks. Try any Promix product risk-free for 90 days.

Collagen Peptides

Best For: Skin, bones, joints, and recovery support
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