The Promix Difference

What Is Promix

Real nutrition products made with the highest quality ingredients for anyone working toward an athletic or health goal. We want to help you achieve your goals so you can set new ones. We care about your long-term health.

Our team of exercise physiologists and registered dietitians design our products for your health and performance, not for big-business bottom line numbers. We believe that pure ingredients delivering pure results and letting that set us apart from the competition.

We support real athletes, coaches, trainers and people that inspire others to live better and do more.

What We Are Not

No fake Instagram fitness stars or performance-enhanced athletes.
No super fruit and veggie blends or milligram amounts of mushroom powders.
No proprietary blend, amino spiking, artificial flavors or GMO’s.
No gums, stabilizers or thickeners added that we can call a “pre-biotic fiber”.
No billions of probiotics that are no longer viable after sitting on the shelf for 6 months.

Why Don’t We Add These Things?

Because these ingredients do not have any measurable positive benefit to you in either the amount or form that they could be added. Such ingredients may look good on a label but they are not doing anything other than adding margin to big-business profits. They distract you from the lack of quality in the main ingredients that actually do have an effect. Our ingredient lists are short because we want you to know what you are getting in our products and know that is of the highest quality.

Pure Ingredients. Pure Results.
That is the Promix difference.

Measured Success

Detail oriented beyond the basics

100% GMP certified facilities
and batch testing

97% Plastic-free

94% of ingredients sourced
from North America

1% of sales are committed
to 1% for the Planet

Promix Ingredients
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