Top U.S. Fitness Expert Giving Away the “Miracle Protein Secret” – A 1-Step Snack that Helps Curb Cravings and Recover Cells

MALIBU, CA -- Experts are saying it’s the “protein secret” that can help curb cravings and recover the body in record time.

For years, this method was only available to the rich and well-connected, like pro athletes, fitness influencers, and models.

But a new breakthrough development has made it possible for regular folks to try this “perfect protein” method right from home, using natural ingredients.

The effects of pure, high-quality protein are noticeable right away – healthy muscle recovery, no more junk food cravings, better fat-burning, and a more toned figure.*

Unfortunately, most people rarely get enough of the right kind of protein – especially in today’s world, where processed junk and “convenience food” is everywhere, and finding whole, natural ingredients that contain healthy protein is harder than ever.

The best part about this new protein that curbs cravings and restores the body? It is so easy and delicious, it makes getting the right amount of healthy protein virtually effortless. No more choking down chalky shakes or hunting down high-protein ingredients that don’t taste good, only to see gym results disappear and weight “yo-yo” back.

That’s right, this protein can nourish the body to help fuel fat-burning and keep weight off easily, plus build lean muscle and recharge your cells with clean energy.

So what’s the secret to this groundbreaking new form of protein?

We caught up with one of the experts behind this discovery to ask him about how it works, how anyone can try it at home, and why he believes the health benefits of this new protein are about to change the fitness and wellness community forever…

First of all, why is protein so important for human health?

“Well, it’s quite simple really. Almost every part of your body needs some form of protein in order to function. A lot of people don’t realize all the different issues that are related to protein deficiency. I’m talking about low stamina, unwanted weight gain, fatigue, cravings… issues that a lot of folks think they just have to deal with, but in reality just this 1-step natural protein snack can make all the difference.”

Experts say this latest breakthrough could be the most significant fitness discovery yet. Why is that? How exactly does it work?

It’s a combination of things, but one of the most impressive ingredients we discovered was grass-fed whey. This specific type of protein has been studied extensively by scientists for its effects on cravings and total body recovery.

So we knew we needed a healthy dose of grass-fed whey when we created this protein snack. But what really blew us away was when it was combined with other known ‘protein boosters.’



GMP certified facilities and batch testing.



Ingredients sourced from North America.•



Lower Carbon Footprint.*



Sales are committed to 1% for the Planet.

We included cold-pressed coconut oil, which is rich in healthy medium-chain triglycerides and easily absorbed. We also added tapioca, a gluten-free source of healthy energy. And we also made sure to include vanilla exclusively sourced from Madagascar for its delicious flavor.

And how are the results?

“We’ve noticed most users report feeling full and satisfied with no cravings. And we’ve also seen a significant boost in muscle recovery, fat-burning, plus more energy during the day. It makes a lot of sense when you think about how important protein is for total body health.

And the best part is, this simple 1-step snack contains the right types of high-quality protein that actually make a difference in the body. That’s why we realized this could really help a lot of people. So we set aside a small batch for anyone to claim online.”

Promix Protein Puff Bar

We’ve gone ahead and included the link in this article, so anyone reading this who needs the benefits of high-quality protein can get the solution they need.

But we didn’t just take their word for it… we reached out to hundreds of real users of this new restorative protein to hear their personal success stories. And we were blown away by the number of people who had completely transformed their health and their lives simply with one simple snack once a day.

Just listen to these real success stories from Promix users…

Driven by the overwhelming positive results, the team behind this discovery decided to make a small batch of Promix Protein Puff Bars available to anyone who needs it through a special private link.

However, supplies are limited, so the link could be taken down at any moment.

We can safely say that this simple, delicious drink offers the quickest and easiest way to fuel the entire body, right from the comfort of home.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Wendy M.


A really tasty protein bar! It’s like eating something you shouldn’t eat, but go ahead it’s good for you❤️

Yes, I recommend this product.

Barbara M.

A must try

Enjoyed everything about this bar… the flavor the texture the perfect chewiness. Looking forward to trying the cinnamon one!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Jane P.

Very very sticky. ...

Very very sticky. Much smaller than I thought. Really expensive for size. Think I prefer other bars Tasted pretty good though

Yes, I recommend this product.

Jenny M.

So good!

Like a healthy rice crispy treat!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Brandi D.

Not it

These bars are simply not good. Bland taste and sandy texture. Just being honest and stuck with an entire box.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Dennis W.

Best Protein Bars

Best protein bars I’ve ever had. They have become an everyday in between snack for me to get me thru my work day ! Taste great with no bad additives.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Annie W.

Great High Protein Rice Krispy Treat!

Truly impressed! Not 100% like a rice krispy treat, but as close as you can get with a high protein product like this. Macros are balanced and it's quite delicious (none of that chalky protein taste). If you're a fan of coconut, you'll also appreciate the small hint of coconut in the bars, it's not too strong though.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Eli K.

the Perfect Protein snack

Incredible macros, clean ingredients, and great taste.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Natalia R.

Quick healthy yummy bite on a go

I love that when I am in a hurry I can grab this and feel good about what I am eating. They smell fantastic! The texture might be just a touch chalky but overall they get my vote and I will buy them again for convenience and taste.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Promix Protein Puff Bar

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