Top U.S. Fitness Expert Reveals “Miracle Pre-Workout Secret” – a 1-Step Superfood Drink for Total Body Performance

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Experts are saying it’s the “pre-workout secret” that can dramatically boost performance and rebuild lean muscle in record time.

For years, this method was only available to the rich and well-connected, like pro athletes and fitness influencers.

But a new breakthrough development has made it possible for regular folks to try this “perfect pre-workout method” right from home, using natural ingredients.

The effects of this incredible pre-workout are noticeable right away -- better performance in the gym, faster muscle recovery, clean energy with no crash.

The best part about this new pre-workout method? It actually tastes so good, people are describing it as addicting. “Tastes better than lemonade!” said Anna from Houston, TX.

In fact, this new pre-workout method is so easy and delicious, it makes locking in results from the gym virtually effortless. No more micro-managing macros before every workout, or forcing yourself to chug down massive amounts of bland, chalky shakes only to see results disappear as soon as the next day.

That’s right, this pre-workout technique helps keep your progress locked in – even while you sleep… so your body can continue to improve every day with no setbacks, even if you have to skip a few days at the gym.

So what’s the secret to this groundbreaking new pre-workout method?

We caught up with one of the experts behind this new discovery to ask him about how it works, how anyone can try it at home, and why he believes the health benefits of this pre-workout are about to change the fitness community forever…

First of all, why is pre-workout so important for achieving fitness goals?

Well, it’s quite simple really. Your body needs proper fuel in order to exercise. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the body needs the right nutrients to fuel those processes. And we’ve found this easy natural pre-workout to be a “one stop shop” for fueling the entire body during exercise. In just one simple drink, you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs to achieve peak physical performance. That’s why athletes and other fitness pros are already using it to break their personal records faster than they ever thought possible.

Experts say this latest breakthrough could be the most significant fitness discovery yet. Why is that? How exactly does it work?

What makes this pre-workout blend so impressive is the combination of certain ingredients and how they work together. By combining these vitamins and nutrients in the exact right dose, it actually supercharges their effects.

One of the most impressive ingredients we found was a “super amino” called Beta Alanine. In scientific studies, Beta Alanine has been shown to help strengthen bones and skeletal muscles, which are vital for workout performance. It’s also been shown to help enhance power output during high-intensity exercise, making it easier to hit personal records and build lean muscle.

But what really blew us away was the effectiveness of Beta Alanine when it was combined with other nutrients like L-Tyrosine, which has been shown in scientific studies to help increase endurance capacity during workouts.

In addition to L-Tyrosine, we knew we needed to include certain “super vitamins” to our pre-workout blend. That’s why we added Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, as well as a blend of fruits and plant extracts including lemons, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and turmeric. These superfoods are loaded with antioxidants in addition to their vitamin content, which helps reduce oxidative stress and protect against muscle damage.

And to provide long-lasting, clean energy, we found that green coffee extract was the perfect compliment. In scientific studies, green coffee has been shown to help improve fat-burning and support healthy heart function. Once we had all of these superfoods combined into a single, easy-to-mix drink that actually tasted delicious, we knew we had something special that could really change the way we think about pre-workout.



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And how are the results?

We’ve noticed most users report a burst of clean, long-lasting energy that’s steady with no crash. Some users do report a slight gentle tingling sensation due to the Beta Alanine. And we’ve also seen a significant boost in muscle recovery, fat-burning, plus more comfortable joints and muscles during daily activity. It makes a lot of sense when you think about how important a proper workout routine is for total body health.

And the best part is, this simple 1-step technique contains all these essential compounds and nutrients in one easy drink that tastes even better than lemonade.

That’s why we realized this could really help a lot of people. So we set aside a small batch for anyone to claim online.

Promix Pre-workout

We’ve gone ahead and included the link in this article, so anyone reading this who needs the benefits of an elite pre-workout can get the solution they need.

But we didn’t just take their word for it… we reached out to hundreds of real users of this new pre-workout drink to hear their personal success stories. And we were blown away by the number of people who had completely transformed their health and their lives simply with one simple drink once a day.

Just listen to these real success stories from Promix Pre-Workout users…

Driven by the overwhelming positive results, the team behind this discovery decided to make a small batch of Promix Pre-Workout available to anyone who needs it through a special private link.

However, supplies are limited, so the link could be taken down at any moment.

We can safely say that this simple, delicious drink offers the quickest and easiest way to fuel the entire body, right from the comfort of home.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rebecca S.

Great flavor and works...

Great flavor and works great

Yes, I recommend this product.

Liliana B


I love the flavor and the energy it gives me without crashing!

Yes, I recommend this product.

John L.

Best pre

Best pre workout no jittery feeling very good flavor

Yes, I recommend this product.

Cellie F

Great Product, Okay Packaging

I have really been enjoying this product. The taste is great without being to overpowering. It also does exactly what I want it to do. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is because the bag doesn’t seem to close all of the way and product spills out if the package is not perfectly upright.

Yes, I recommend this product.

John D.


Looking forward to trying other flavors but I sure know this one is a keeper. Does what you need it to do. Feel focused and ready to go

Yes, I recommend this product.

Husna S.

Buy this if you use coffee as a preworkout otherwise...

When the brand was new, I purchased flow state and preworkout and while the taste is bearable, its not enjoyable (raspberry lemon flow state and stim raspberry lemonade preworkout). Happy to tradeoff taste for less artificial supplements, HOWEVER, both of these were a huge disappointment. This Black Friday I decided to revisit the Kelly Matthews pre because of different formulation while re-up on creatine (amazing). Again, I am left hugely disappointed, besides the increased itchiness for a few mins, just "okay" taste, and mild nausea even with food...I am tossing the entire bag away. A better comparison would be to a cup of coffee versus another preworkout.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Jose C.

Clean, Works, would Recommend :)

I’m glad I found a cleaner pre workout which doesn’t have all the fillers and sweeteners all other pre workouts have, the flavor is good and the effects are noticeable within 5-10 mins. My only issue is that when I peeled the Tab to open it, the re-sealing slip became detached from the bag, so I had to put it in another container, but everything else has been great.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Ally B.

Kelly Matthew’s Pre

I tried the Kelly Matthews pre workout and the flavor was pretty good, but the tingles are super intense. I like to take my pre on an empty stomach and can’t do that with this one or I’ll get ridiculously nauseous to the point I can’t even do my workout. I can take it if I have a protein shake with it and it helps me get through my sets, just really wish I could take in on an empty stomach and the tingles are sometimes too intense bordering painful.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Sydney P.

Fantastic pre workout!

I love this pre workout! The flavor is great! Promix products are always a 10/10 for me.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Promix Pre-workout

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