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Below are some of the more common questions asked. Our team dietitian is available and customer service team are available if you have any further questions.

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Is your whey certified organic?

All Promix products are non-gmo and gluten-free, but our whey protein is not certified organic, as you noted.  We fully support organic farming and practices, but if our whey protein was certified organic the price would be well over $100/container, and we have opted to keep our cost lower for consumers.  We believe that we provide the best cost-effective, clean protein powder out there. Promix whey is sourced from farms with 100% grass fed cows, and the cows graze on fields that have always been grazing fields, and have never been used commercially for crops or with any pesticides!  Our processing is free of any industrial solvents or irradiation, and all of our products are third party tested for heavy metals, gluten and other additives/contaminants!

The vanilla extract from Indonesia, this does not state GMO free so it is not gmo free?

All of our products, including our Vanilla Whey and the Vanilla extract used, are 100% non-gmo!

I will be traveling out of the country and I would like to ship myself the product while I travel...

I will be traveling out of the country and I would like to ship myself the product while I travel. Since the new packaging is a plastic jar it's very difficult to ship in a box without having to use a large box, which costs too much. I never had any issues with the bags that you used to sell it in, and would love to be able ship those to myself overseas and continue to use your great products.

We have reintroduced the 5lb bag of unflavored protein available on Amazon right now.  We've re-introduced the bag as an option for refilling the 5lb rigid container.  We also sell single serving 10-packs, which are great for traveling and pack up easily! Thanks!

Looking at the amino profile - are any of these aminos added in?

All the amino acids present in the whey protein are naturally occurring, and they are not added in from other protein sources!

Do you test for vitamin/mineral levels after processing?

The vitamin levels listed on our nutritional panel are the final vitamin/mineral levels in the product as packaged!

How much lactoferrin, immunoglobulin and serum albumin is present in Promix whey?

Typical values of each of lactoferrin, immunoglobulin and serum albumin present in one serving of Promix unflavored whey concentrate are listed below: 

  • Lactoferrin: 0.125 grams - 0.3 grams
  • Immunoglobulin: 1.75 grams - 2.25 grams
  • Serum albumin: 0.75 grams - 1.25 grams 

Why are there fewer servings in the same size of Chocolate flavored whey compared to the unflavored?

I apologize for any confusion!  The reason for the difference is that we wanted to have the same amount of protein per serving in both products and therefore, to account for the added ingredients and blend of the chocolate whey, we had to make the chocolate whey a larger serving size, which means there are fewer servings in the 5lb tub of the chocolate than in the same size unflavored container.

Can I mix Promix into my morning coffee?

As a general rule, our Promix whey mixes best with cold liquids, so we would not recommend mixing it with hot coffee.  If you are looking for a product to add protein to your morning coffee, our collagen product was specifically designed to blend seamlessly into hot beverages like coffee, so we would recommend that!

For baked goods, can I mix the powder in with the other dry ingredients and then add the fluids as directed or must I mix it in with the fluids required in the recipes before adding the dry ingredients? Will the protein benefit be lost in baking?

Lots of our customers have used our products to incorporate in baking recipes, and the protein benefit is not lost in baking.  As to specific directions, it depends on the recipe, but there are no set rules as to when to incorporate the protein powder.  If you come up with some great recipes, we'd love to hear about them!

Can I call you to place an order or ask questions?

Thank you for your interest in our products!  At this time, we currently only offer online ordering. However, if you have a question, you can visit our contact page, email us at, or text us at 352-221-9320. We will respond within 24 hours. Thank you!

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on all products for active military personnel and veterans. Visit this page for more details. Thank you!

Are you able to ship to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we are able to ship anywhere in the U.S., including P.O. boxes!

Where are the cows raised that you get your whey from?

We source our whey from small farms in Northern California, specifically in the Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.

Do you offer samples of your product to try before purchasing the 5lb size?

We are working on restocking our single serving samples and sample packs.  Once they are ready they will be available for purchase on our website and on Amazon!  Thank you!

How long does it usually take for my order to arrive?

With our standard shipping, typically, orders ship within 24-48 hours and arrive within 5-7 business days!

Why is my whey always a different color? This is my third jar. The powder has been a different color in each jar. Is this normal?

Yes, the different colors of Promix are all normal!  Our Promix formula has always been the same, and we source from the same farms and the same grass-fed cows for every batch.  Whey protein is a natural product, so each batch will vary slightly in taste, texture, color, etc. based on a variety of factors, including how much grass the cows are eating, the weather, etc.  The difference in color between batches is also based on the color of the cheese from which the whey is derived during the cheese making process.  Grass-fed milk naturally has a slight yellow color because of the extra beta carotene found in the milk of grass-fed cows.  The dark yellow color in some batches of Promix is from the natural annatto color used in making yellow cheeses, whereas the whiter color is from the white cheese batches.

Can you advise the difference between the regular whey and the recovery product please.  Which would be better for me?

Essentially the Recovery product is the unflavored whey + hydrolyzed short and long-chain carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment, plus himalayan pink salt for electrolyte and trace mineral replacement.  Recovery is better immediately post-workout if you are training at a high-intensity or multiple workouts per day. Also if you are focused on lean muscle gain.  The regular whey protein would be better if the workout is not at high intensity, and if your main goal is to loose body fat.

Why is your collagen from Brazilian cows? Why not from USA cows?

All of our grass-fed whey protein and casein are USA sourced from small, family farms. Other ingredients are sourced globally, wherever we can find the best quality, non-GMO, hormone-free ingredients, such as our grass-fed collagen peptides from Brazil. We think that these are the best quality out there for the product, as the cattle industry in Brazil relies on perennial tropical grass pasture systems and hormone use is banned.  Thank you!

My product arrive damaged, what can I do?

If you ever have any issues with your order, please let us know!  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so if you aren't completely satisfied, we will do what we can to fix it, including arranging returns, exchanges and refunds.  Just email us and we will make it right!

What would the Protein Puffs do in a blender - are they easily softened and mixed, or would you recommend against it?

Our protein puffs are really designed to add a tasty crunch to things like baked goods, parfaits, and on top of smoothie bowls.  While putting them in a blender isn't necessarily a bad idea, this would definitely soften them, but wouldn't necessarily provide the consistency one looks for in a protein smoothie, so we would recommend our protein powders over the puffs if you're planning to use your blender! 

Does the whey isolate contain casein?

No, our whey isolate products do not contain casein

Is Promix rGBH free and is it from A1 or A2 cows?

All of our products are hormone free.  We source our whey from A2 Jersey breed cows, and we are working with a California university on hair sample testing so we can provide documentation on A2. Please email us if you have any other questions!

On the Dr. Axe site he said isolate and hydrosalate can cause leaky gut because of the way they are broken down and the fillers/ artificial flavors and stuff.  Is this true?

We certainly don't disagree that certain sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors, gums, or other fillers may contribute to leaky gut.  No Promix product contains any of the above, and no enzymes are used in the processing of our whey isolate, only mesh filters (cold-processed micro-filtration).  I believe Dr. Axe's comments apply to those other brands using the above additives, etc. or other processes besides cold process microfiltration.  Thanks!

Your whey looks great; you say it is cold processed - does that mean it's unpasteurized?

Our cold-processed microfiltration is a technical term to describe the liquid whey being filtered through mesh filters to help concentrate the whey particles. This is a cold process filtration because this is all completed with pressure of flow rather than any heat.  As to pasteurization, there are false claims by other companies about raw whey or whey that has not been heated. FDA guidelines actually mandate that the milk that all whey is made from be pasteurized per FDA pasteurization guidelines prior to it being made into whey.  Hope this helps!

Outside of just more protein per serving, is there any other difference in your whey protein concentrate vs isolate product?

Whey isolate is further refined and contains a higher percentage of protein than the whey concentrate (with the corresponding higher level of branched chain amino acids), which in turn reduces the levels of fat and carbohydrates in the product, although levels can vary. Fat does provide conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) which have certain health benefits.  It is a matter of preference for the varying levels of protein and fat in the whey concentrate vs. the whey isolate.  The isolate product is also correspondingly lower in lactose than the whey concentrate products, so if you have any intolerance to dairy, we recommend the isolate product!

I just opened a new unflavored and finished the old one. I noticed that the old one had a distinctly yellow color and the new one is distinctly more white.  What is the reason for this difference in color?  I'm concerned about the quality of the product.

Thank you for your message, and I'm sorry for any confusion in the different colors of our product!  We have had a few customers comment on the different colors that Promix may appear. The Promix formula always remains the same, and we use the same farms and the same 100% grass-fed cows.  The difference in color is purely based on the color of the cheese from which the whey is derived during the cheese making process.  Grass-fed milk naturally has a slight yellow color because of the extra beta carotene (plant based form of vitamin A, naturally yellow in color) found in the milk of grass-fed cows.  The dark yellow color in some batches of Promix like the ones in your previous order is from the natural annatto color used in making yellow cheeses (whey is produced from cheese making), whereas the whiter color is from the white cheese batches.  However, both colors have the same nutritional value in the final product and are made using our same standards for quality.  

What the main difference between the the regular whey and the one with glutamine and is the extra price worth it?

Our isolate + glutamine product is further refined and has a higher percent protein (and corresponding BCAA amount), with less fat and carbohydrates.  Whether this is what you want really depends on your training regimen and fitness goals.  This product also contains L-glutamine, which means it is best suited for someone that is training regularly and needs to optimize their recovery from workouts. 

 Is the amino acid distribution and amount of bound protein vs. free amino acids per serving verified by third party testing?

Yes, all of the nutritional values of our products are verified by independent third party testing!

Who does your third party testing?

We work primarily with Eurofins and Covance, and others depending on the testing done.

Do you offer a vegan mix that also contains hemp protein?

At this time, we only produce our one vegan mix (both unflavored and chocolate), which is a blend of organic pea and rice protein.  We do not currently offer a hemp protein, but we are always considering new products!

Which Protein is Right for Me?

The right protein for you depends on your needs and dietary preferences. Whey protein comes from cow milk and is used for weight loss or muscle growth. Whey isolate is low in carbohydrates, fat, and lactose, a good option for those with dairy sensitivities. Casein protein is absorbed slowly and provides recovery while you sleep. Vegan protein is ideal for those who eat a vegetarian or plant-based diet yet still want to experience protein intake benefits. Collagen peptides support your bones, connective tissue, and hair, skin, and nail health.
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What are BCAAs Benefits?

Consuming BCAAs helps build muscle, decrease muscle soreness and fatigue post-workout, and reduce muscle wasting. BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis and promote muscle growth and maintenance, helping to fill tears and reconstruct muscles after extended workouts.

What is the Difference Between Plant Protein vs Animal Protein?

Animal proteins are complete proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids humans need to consume in their diet. Plant proteins are not complete proteins. To consume all the essential amino acids through plant-based protein, you must combine two complementary proteins (rice and beans) or choose a vegan protein supplement.

What to Eat on a Keto Diet?

The Keto diet focuses on consuming high fat, low carbohydrate foods to force the body into ketosis. Animal-based high-fat sources include grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, and full-fat dairy. Plant-based high-fat sources include nuts (whole, nut butter, and nut flours) and avocados. Additional sources of high fat include oils, non-starchy vegetables, and simple condiments.

What is Vegan Collagen?

Unfortunately, vegan collagen doesn’t exist. Collagen peptides are a specific set of amino acids that come from animals. Instead, vegans must create their own collagen by consuming the correct amino acids that make up the building blocks of collagen. Eating foods high in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline will enable your body to create “vegan collagen” for you.

What are the Basics to Building Lean Muscle?

Building lean muscle mass starts by fueling your body with sufficient calories and protein. That’s how you increase muscle mass, burn calories, and improve bone density. Then, you must ensure proper form during weight training exercises to avoid injury.

What are the Benefits of Natural Organ Supplements?

Natural organ supplements support whole-body health. Bone marrow improves connective tissue and bone strength and aids in gut healing and immunity. It also increases protein and collagen intake and supplies fat-soluble activators. Liver supplements assist in liver detoxification and supply B vitamins, A vitamins, heme iron, and D3 to support mood, energy, and hormone levels.

Is this product corn and gluten free?

Yes, Promix is corn-free and third-party verified gluten-free.

Why is this a substantially darker shade of yellow than other brands?

Hello Steely, thank you for your question. Our whey is in part yellow/golden because our cows graze on pasture grasses that result in a higher intake of beta carotene that naturally results in milk a slight yellow/golden color. We also do not bleach our whey as some companies do to achieve a white/uncolored whey. Thank you!

May I know what is your definition of children? 3 years old? Below 12? Or under 18?

Hi Jeremy, thank you for your email. ProMix Energy naturally contains caffeine from the guayusa extract. We include this statement so parents and children are aware and may decide at which age caffeine is suitable. There are 100mg of caffeine per scoop. Thank you!

Does anyone know the amount of Potassium & Phosphorus per serving?

Hello MacJim, thank you for your question. There are on average 76.25mg of potassium and 71.25mg of phosporus per serving, these number can vary slighty from batch to batch but the variation is within +/- 5% (in the same way milk nutritionals vary slightly batch to batch). Our dietitan advises consulting with your dietitian or doctor if this is relevant to a medical condition. Thank you!

does promix contain l-carnitine?

Hello NB, thank you for your email. L-carnitine is naturally occuring in the whey protein fractions but we will need to do a specific test to determine the amount. I contacted our dietitian to speak with our third party lab regarding scheduling a test. Thank you!

Is promix acid/ion exchange processed?

Answer: Hello Account R, thank you for your question. ProMix uses cold micro-filtration rather than acid or ion exchange. The whey is passed through cool pipes and filtered by progressively finer mesh filters so only the protein molecules and smaller sub fractions like (e.g. immunoglobulins...) pass through the filter but larger molecules (e.g. lactose) are filtered out. Please email us if you have any additional questions. Thank you!

when are you guys coming out with an organic weight gainer?

Hi Al, thank you for you question. We have considered developing an organic weight gainer. If you have specific suggestion regarding what you would like to see from us in terms of future products please email us through our website. Thank you!

curious about why there is evaporated cane juice in this product.

Hello WildDandelion, the evaporated cane juice is added because it helps to round out the flavor of the raw cacao. Raw cacao on its own is relatively bitter. Thank you!

can i mix it with hot water ?

Hi Alanoud, thank you for your question. Yes, you can mix ProMix with any liquid you like. Most people prefer the taste in a chilled drink like a smoothie. Thank you!

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