What are the Benefits of Natural Organ Supplements?

What are the Benefits of Natural Organ Supplements?

“The original superfoods are organs & marrow from grass-fed animals. I challenge you to find a more nutrient-dense food that provides the vitamins & minerals commonly deficient in a modern diet. For many, these foods are inaccessible. That’s why I created Promix Raw: to give you the benefits of high quality, 100% grass-fed, raw freeze-dried New Zealand liver and marrow every day.”

-Albert Matheny, Founder & CEO

Promix takes requests very seriously, whether they come from professional athletes on our roster or busy professionals and parents who DM our instgram. No request is too big or small, and we see and hear them all. Our goal is to always get a plan in motion to bring you exactly what you need to live a better, healthier life.

That said, when a product that’s been so heavily requested is finally ready, we want to shout it from the mountain tops. So here we are, on top of the mountain.

Introducing Promix Raw

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you an entirely new natural supplement line to add powerful nutrients to your daily routine and elevate your quality of life.

Check out Promix Raw, our latest solution to the vitamin and mineral deficiencies many of our athletes have been experiencing.

High standards, always

These Bone Marrow and Bovine Liver supplements are made from 100% Grass-fed cows in New Zealand, where nutrient-rich, pristine organs are freeze-dried raw for the highest possible nutrient density.

They are then compounded into non-GMO gelatin capsules that are 30% smaller than most marrow and liver capsules for comfortable swallowing and easy digestion. Our Raw line, like everything else we make, never contains fillers or binders and is packaged in USA GMP Certified facilities.

So what exactly do they do? Prepare to be amazed. Between our Bone Marrow and Bovine Liver, you’ll experience seven MAJOR health benefits you simply can’t get as powerfully through anything else.

The benefits of Bone Marrow

1. Bone marrow supports connective tissue and bone health

Bone marrow contains several compounds that help your body optimize the health of joints and connective tissues. Collagen peptides appear in abundance in bone marrow, along with glucosamine, which is found in cartilage in bone marrow. Both have been proven to reduce inflammation and relieve overall joint pain (1).

In fact, it’s been proven that the daily consumption of collagen can help reduce and even completely eliminate activity-related joint pain (2).


Additionally, anti-inflammatory agents such as glycine, CLA, and adiponectin are also found in marrow and known to dramatically reduce chronic inflammation by regulating your body’s ability to go through normal inflammation cycles (3).

Inflammation is an important signaling mechanism within your body, but it has a time and place: it serves as your body’s response to begin repairing and returning to neutral after you’ve put it under physical stress (say, for example, after a tough training session. That’s a normal time for inflammation). Constant, chronic inflammation for those who workout regularly is both unnecessary and avoidable with the help of these types of inflammatories.

2. It aids gut healing and immunity

The same properties that fight inflammation have a double benefit in our Raw Bone Marrow supplements – they also nourish your gut for a healthy digestive tract and support immune function.

If you find yourself constantly rundown and feeling under the weather, try adding Bone Marrow capsules to your vitamin and supplement routine to stay happy, healthy, and at the top of your game. We know you always need to be ready to train at peak performance.

You don’t have time for down time. Now, you can always skip whatever bug is going around.

3. Marrow supplies fat soluble activators

The fatty tissue in bone marrow is a fantastic source of the hormone adiponectin, which has been proven to maintain insulin sensitivity, break down fat, and is linked to decreased risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity-associated cancers. It plays a “positive, protective role” for many organ systems in the body (4). In fact, the “adipose tissue within marrow goes beyond the bone and also serves as an endocrine organ that can influence metabolism” (4).

Bone marrow helps keep everything running as it should, and in some instances, increases the productivity of cells and organ systems so your body is working as efficiently as possible.

4. It increases protein & collagen intake

By now we know that protein is an important macronutrient in a balanced diet, especially for those looking to build lean muscle mass and shed fat.


Bone marrow’s ability to elevate your body’s uptake of protein and collagen is unparalleled. The type III collagen found in bone marrow not only supports your bones, joints, and connective tissues as we’ve already outlined, but it also enhances the strength of your hair and nails, and improves the elasticity of your skin, softening and even eliminating fine lines and wrinkles (5).

Its ability to optimize protein intake means you’re supporting your #bodygoals by encouraging lean muscle growth and controlling hunger, a key component in fat loss.

Bovine Liver

5. Liver supplements aid your own liver’s detoxification efforts

Promix Raw Bovine Liver follows the principle that the nutrients, enzymes, and other active factors present in healthful organs can be effective in revitalizing the same target organ that is depleted. In other words, a clean, well-sourced liver supplement creates a strong liver in your body by supporting it with everything it needs to function and carry out the tasks associated with its main job: detoxification.

6. B vitamins & heme iron boost mood and energy

The vitamin B12 that’s packed into our liver capsules elevates energy levels, cognitive function, and cell metabolism. Getting enough B12 is critical for nerve tissue health, brain function, and the production of red blood cells (6).

The perfect compliment to all of that work B12 does for your body can be found in readily available heme iron. “Heme iron is easily absorbed by the body and the best source of iron for people who are iron deficient” (7). Iron factors greatly into keeping energy levels high and steady, while it also positively impacts mood.

7. Vitamins A & D3 support optimal hormonal levels

A small amount of liver can pack well over 100% of your recommended daily value for many essential nutrients. In fact, it’s recognized as one of the most nutrient-dense foods and/or supplements available (8).

The high concentration of Vitamin A in our liver capsules empowers your immune system. Vitamin A is important for maintenance of vision, immune function, and even reproduction (9). It also helps organs like the heart and kidneys function properly, while vitamin D3 also packs a powerful defensive punch.

The presence of vitamin D3 ensures you absorb and regulate calcium levels, stave off illness and protect against infections, and prevent cardiovascular disease. The regulatory efforts of vitamin D are so powerful that deficiencies have been linked to hormone imbalances that cause weight gain, obesity, and mood disorders like depression. Ensuring you get enough keeps your hormones in check so that your steer clear of small deficiencies that create huge problems down the line (10).

The bottom line

When you ask for something, we listen. Promix Raw Bone Marrow and Bovine Liver are perfect for:

  • Easing joint pain and improving bone health
  • Healing the gut
  • Boosting immunity
  • Increasing protein + collagen intake for a healthier look
  • Elevating energy levels
  • Balancing hormones
  • Keeping you in a good great mood!

Give them a try and tell us what you think!



Have a new product you want to see, or a suggestion on how we can improve? Email info@promixnutrition.com and hit us with your thoughts. We work for YOU and want to take your day-to-day to the next level, plain and simple. Be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements.


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