Below are some of the more common questions asked. Our team dietitian is available and customer service team are available if you have any further questions.

Email sales@promixnutrition.com or text us at 352-221-9320.

Is it paleo?

Hello, paleo is generally considered dairy-free and ProMix Grass-Fed Whey Comes from milk so it would not be paleo. Thank you

Resealable bag? Just bought, bag isnt resealable. Should transfer to ziplock? Do insects eat this?

Hello squirrlesRduck, if the seal on the top of the bag is not working transfering to a ziplock or rolling the top of the bag down and clipping the top will work well. We are transitioning to a a jar with a lid so that there will not be sealing issues. Thank you.

What is your Maltodextrin derived from?

Hello Timothy, the maltodextrin is derived from 100% organic tapioca (corn and gluten free). Thank you

Is the product corn free?

Hello Timothy, all ProMix products are 100% corn, soy, and gluten free. Thank you for your question.

It's great that the product claims to be 100% grass-fed. however, there is no mention of whether it comes from rbst/rbgh free milk, is it clean?

Hello Adwait, thank you for your question. One of the core promises of ProMix is that we are antibiotic and hormone free. Please visit our website or email us if you have any other questions. Thank you

The bag lists amino acid profile based on 100g, but serving is only 20 g. so I dividie the amino acids by 5 to determine amino acids per serving?

Hello Trai, that is correct, divide the amino acids by 5 to determine the amino acids per serving. Thank you!

Is this product non GMO?

Hi KF, thank you for your question. All ProMix products are tested and GMO-Free. Thank you

Is this product corn and gluten free?

Hello Nicolette, yes, ProMix is corn-free and third-party verified gluten-free. Thank you

Is the whey processed in the U.S.? (Where is it being shipped from?)

Hello Amy, thank you for your question. ProMix whey is processed in California but ships to customers from a number of distribution centers throughout the US to improve shipping efficiency. Your order will ship from the nearest distribution center to you.

Anyone know if this product contains lactose, and if so, how much? Thanks!

Hello Eric, whey protein naturally contains a small amount of lactose ~1g or less per serving. Thank you

Has this product been laboratory tested for contaminates? If so, can you please tell what lab?

Hello Antonio, thank you for your question. We are launching our new website shortly and we will publish all of our test results on the website. If you will please email us at info@promixnutrition.com I will be able to email you our test results before the new site launches. Thank you.

How many servings (1 scoop) are there in the 5 lb bag?

Hello Alexander, there are 146 (1 scoop servings in bag). We recommend 2 scoops per serving (73 servings per bag). Thank you

How does this compare to Naked Whey? I bought Naked Whey last time but I'm thinking about switching to this.

Hello, thank you for your question. ProMix is 100% grass-fed and finished. ProMix mixes more easily because we add .75% Non-GMO sunflower lecithin. This makes ProMix a good choice if you are using a spoon or shaker bottle to mix, in addition to using in smoothies. We are able to keep our product costs down and still offer the best product possible because we depend on word of mouth rather than ad spending. Thank you.

is this packaged in the USA?

Hello E.L., thank you for your question. Yes the ProMix Grass-Fed Whey is sourced and packaged in the USA.

Can any speak about this product vs. Vital Whey? Vital Whey appears very high quality and this seems comparable at half the price. Thanks

Hello, thank you for your question. ProMix Nutrition works directly with the whey production from the milk of pasture based cows in northern California. We believe we price our products fairly so that if people want to make the choice to buy a better whey it is accesible to them as a regular use product. Many whey companies purchase from outside the US through third parties so their costs are higher, combined with their advertising spend, translate to a much higher priced product for the consumer. We believe ProMix Whey is the best US based pasture based whey protein.

Are the cows 100% grass fed only? Many "grass fed cows" are rotated back and forth from corn and grass and they can still legally claim "grass fed"

Hello Caryn, thank you for your question. The farmers we work with have their cows on pasture 320+ per year due to the fact the weather and field conditions permit this. There are no ferilizer or pesticides used on the fields because the fields are exclusively used for grazing cattle, pasture land does not benefit from fertilizer or pesticides. When not on pasture the cows are fed hay harvested from the same fields they graze on.

Is there any Corn in this product or Corn fed to the cows at any point?

Hello Praveen, thank you for your question. The cows graze on grass and other pasture grasses. If the cows are indoors they eat harvested pasture grasses (hay). We researched milk testing to provide evidence there is no trace of corn in the milk. To our knowledge there is no currently available testing methodology for corn in milk. Please email us at info@promixnutrition.com if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Heavy Metals Testing. Does anyone know if the END PRODUCT (not ingredents, since it's processing that adds heavy metals) have been tested?

Hello BlueWallpaper, The heavy metals testing is done on the finished product, not the ingredients before they are combined.

is the grass that the cows eat treated with pesticides?

Hello amt23, thank you for your question. There are no pesticides used on the pastures. The pastures are used exclusively for cattle year round. There is no crop planted on the pasture land where pesticides may be considered for use. If you have any further questions please email us at info@promixnutrition.com. Thank you.

My bag did not come with a scoop so please advise how much a scoop is equivalent to. (What size is the scoop)

There are a little over 5 tablespoons per serving (2 scoops). If you use a fork to fish around in the bag, you should be able to find the scoop. It tends to shift during transit.

Can you put a copy of your 3rd party lab test results of this product on your website? Most companies don't, Spirutein gives a copy w each product.

Hello, thank you for your question. We are in the process of updating our website and will have the 3rd party lab results posted when the site is relaunched. If you have further questions please email sales@promixnutrition.com.

How do we know it is really Hormone, Antibiotic free ? it's website is so brief no detail ... !

Hello Plus, thank you for your question. All the dairies we work with sign affidavits and contracts that no synthetic hormones or antibiotics have been used on their cows. FDA regulations do not allow any antibiotics to be present in milk. Each batch of milk is tested for antibiotics before accepting as part of the manufacturing plants HACCP plan. Control samples are used to insure the testing equipment is working correctly and the records are monitored by state and federal agencies. If you have further questions please email sales@promixnutrition.com

How much cholesterol in the product?

Hello Konstantinos, thank you for your question. There are 15mg per 25 grams serving. If you have further questions please email us at sales@promixnutrition.com

Is this Whey from 100% Grass Fed Cows?

Thank you for your question. The whey is derived from the milk of grass/pasture fed cows. The cows are on pasture an average of 330 days per year. When the weather is bad the cows will eat harvested grasses (hay) from the same fields they graze in. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at info@promixnutrition.com. Thank you.

Who has etsablished nutrition data profile for the protein powder ? How amino acid and protein context was determined ?

Production samples of the whey protein are submitted to an independent lab for nutritional analysis, including amino acid content. Thank you for your question.

Does anyone know if this is low temp pasteurized? There is hardly any information on their website. Thanks!

ProMix is low-temperature pasteurized at 164 degrees Fahrenheit for 17 seconds. Please let us know if you have any other questions at info@promixnutrition.com

Does this 5 pound sack need to be refrigerated?

Hello. ProMix does not need to be refrigerated but we do recommend keeping it in an airtight container (the bag counts), and in a cool place like a pantry or cupboard.

Second purchase and the color is distinctly more yellow. What would be the reason?

Hello Craig. ProMix does not apply any chemicals or bleach to its whey and this sometimes leads to a darker whey than most people are used to. This completely depends on the batch of milk, but there is no need to be alarmed. ProMix prides itself on using ingredients that have been minimally processed.

what makes it instantized?

Instantized means that a lecithin has been added. In ProMix's case, a non-gmo sunflower lecithin has been used to make the protein more soluble in liquids.

Why is this product so much cheaper than other grass fed whey protein options I've come across?

Hi Paul. The reason is because we sell direct to consumers. Without all the middlemen, we can afford to get great grass-fed whey protein to you at a great price.

What farms specifically do you source your whey from ?

Hello. We get our whey from family farms in California.

Same question as the others... is there a flavored version? (maybe the third time is the charm...)

We don't have a flavored version yet, but hope to come out with a chocolate version within a couple months.

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